4 January 2022

Breakthrough of the year

Eugene Polzik in lab

Today the renowned journal Physics World announced the 2021 Breakthrough of the Year – and the two winning papers on quantum entanglement of two macroscopic objects are based on work of Professor Eugene Polzik from the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen who was the first to use the technique.

“The results chosen by Physics World highlight the special significance of Quantum Information Science and Technology in modern science. The two papers present new steps in measurements beyond standard quantum limits of precision. Our team at the Quantum Optics group (QUANTOP) at the Niels Bohr Institute has applied the basic principle behind these achievements for quantum entanglement between very distant and different quantum objects,” says Eugene Polzik.

QUANTOP uses quantum entanglement for breaking established limits in communication and sensing of fields and forces.

“The main idea can be expressed in a simple way: choose the right reference frame and you'll be able to construct sensors with theoretically unlimited sensitivity. Active research along those lines, including possible application to the next generation of gravitational wave detectors that will expand our knowledge about the Universe significantly, is ongoing at NBI,” Polzik says.

Congratulations to the winners from Aalto University,  UNSW and National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)! 🍾 🙌 Read about their research: https://bit.ly/3EWcxNk