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About us

The Danish Center for Quantum Optics (QUANTOP) was established in 2001 and is situated at the Niels Bohr Institute.

Started as a DNRF "Center of Excellence" QUANTOP’s research is focused on exploring quantum effects at the interface between light and matter.

QUANTOP offers both specialized courses on the bachelor and master level as well as contributing to the overall teaching and research aims of the NBI. The center is funded by an ERC starting grant and DARPA, and the group is world leading in its research fields of quantum optics, atomic physics and optomechanics.

About the Quantum Optics and Ultracold Atoms section

Quantum Technology is an area that is expanding massively worldwide. The section addresses most major areas within Quantum Optics: quantum simulations, communication and sensing.

The quantum optics section consists of four groups, which are among the leading groups in theirs areas Worldwide. More about the section and the groups here >>