Short-term accommodation

In case you are making your own arrangements, here is a list including links to nearby hotels and hostels offering private rooms. Please note that the rates are approximate and reflect a single standard rooms with no breakfast included. 

 Hotel name

Approx rate

Distance to NBI 

Hotel 9 smaa hjem (apartment-style)

800 DKK

1.0 km

Hotel Kong Arthur

 1100 DKK 

 1.3 km 

Ibsens Hotel

 1000 DKK 

 1.3 km 

Generator Hostel

  from 400 DKK 

 1.8 km 

Hotel Guldsmeden Babette

1100 DKK 

1.2 km 

Hotel Guldsmeden Carlton

 1100 DKK 

3.0 km 

CabInn Express

 800 DKK 

 3.0 km 

We have also had good experiences with AirBnB for rooms or full apartments - if you go that route, note that Nørrebro (Copehnagen N), Østerbro (Copenhagen Ø) and Copenhagen City/downtown are the neighborhoods closest to the NBI, though any Copenhagen or Frederiksberg address will be close on bike or public transport.

Apartments and other longer-term accomodation

If you are coming with family or staying more than a few days and are interested in renting an apartment or would like to stay in a university student Kollegium (studio apartment), let us know, and we will advise on the possibilities. If you are a new staff member moving to Copenhagen, consult the University Housing Foundation for help, and feel free to let us know if you need further assistance.