Quantum Optics Seminar by Jean-Baptiste Béguin

Online at https://ucph-ku.zoom.us/j/67032323786

Bridging gaps between cold atoms and nano-photonics

Combining cold atom research and nano-photonics holds promise for quantum matter built from atoms and photons in new parameter regimes. It offers a platform to explore and engineer tunable and strong atom-atom interactions mediated by light, with a variety of applications in quantum optics including e.g., quantum simulation, synthetic molecules of light, and atom mirrors.

I will discuss nascent work conducted at Caltech and present the early efforts of our new team at NBI towards integration of cold atoms in nanoscopic dielectric lattices.

This is a highly multidisciplinary research field and makes for a formidable challenge in the laboratory. I will put a focus on experimental difficulties and the tools to overcome them.

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