Hy-Q seminar by Chris Sparrow from PsiQuantum

Modular architectures for fault-tolerant photonic quantum computing

Chris Sparrow from PsiQuantum will be speaking at the Hy-Q seminar:

Monday June 14st, at 15.00 CET.

Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87362398157?pwd=VjRjSU1rbEFJR0pBbDM3SUxWM2Nsdz09

Passcode: 750801

Chris writes: We first introduce fusion-based quantum computing (FBQC) - a model of universal quantum computation in which entangling measurements, called fusions, are performed on the qubits of small constant-sized entangled resource states. We introduce a stabilizer formalism for analyzing fault tolerance and computation in these schemes. This framework naturally captures the error structure that arises in certain physical systems for quantum computing, such as photonics. We then present a modular architecture for photonic FBQC in which a resource state generator, associated fusion devices and a few optical fiber delays form an interleaving module. Exploiting the multiplicative power of delay components, each interleaving module can add thousands of physical qubits to the computational Hilbert space.