Hy-Q Seminar - Benjamin Brown

Universal fault-tolerant measurement-based quantum computation

Owing to their abundance and their coherence time that is comparable to the age of the universe, photons are among the best systems we might choose to encode the physical qubits of a scalable quantum computer. To this end it is important to find robust and resource-efficient protocols to perform quantum logical operations on qubits that are encoded using photons. Here we propose a new model of universal quantum computation that simulates the braiding and fusion of Majorana modes using linear optics. We produce our results by deriving a framework that enables us to map modern schemes of fault-tolerant quantum computation that have been natively designed for the more familiar circuit-based model into the so-called measurement-based picture; a model of quantum computation that is much more natural to describe photonic quantum computing. In fact, our framework allows us to adapt general models of quantum computation with static qubits onto photonic system where the qubits are necessarily flying at the speed of light.