Quantum Optics Seminar by Patrik Isene Sund

Coupling optically-addressable excitons with magnons by proximity-induced dynamic valley Zeeman splitting


Static proximity-induced valley Zeeman splitting of excitons has been demonstrated in a monolayer of a transition metal dichalcogenide piled onto a magnetic substrate in a ferromagnetic state with an out-of-plane magnetization [1, 2]. We propose using the magnetic proximity effect to couple the hitherto unexplored dynamic out-of-plane magnetic field from magnons in a YIG film to optically-addressable excitons in a monolayer of MoSe2. An experimental setup is introduced, and the details of and challenges connected to measuring the coupling strength are presented.

[1] Zhao et. al., Nature Nanotechnology 12, 757 (2017)
[2] Norden et. al., Nature Communications 10, 4163 (2019)