Quantum Optics Seminar by Yanqiang Guo, Associate Professor, Taiyuan University of Technology

Title: Single Atom Trapping & Photon Statistics of Light Fields


Strong confinement of light in optical micro cavities has opened an exciting frontier for the investigation of light-matter interactions at single quanta level. This is motivated not only by the fundamental studies in quantum optics, but also by its promising applications in quantum information. The work mainly focuses on deterministic single atom trapping in strongly coupled optical cavities. We respectively present two platforms for engineering strong light-matter interaction using dual-optical microcavities and photonic crystal nanofiber cavity. The binary single-atom steps and photon anti-bunching are observed by a photon counting detection. Meanwhile, it is still a challenge to find out a relative simple and practical method without the stringent requirements for the experiment to reveal the nonclassical features of the light fields or discriminate different light fields. We have investigated the nonclassicality from classical states to quantum states. The photon statistics and bunching of a semiconductor laser with external optical feedback are also investigated experimentally and theoretically. Tunable photon bunching is observed over a wide range of parameters.