Quantum Optics seminar by Rafael Salas, University of Technology of Troyes

The integration of plasmonic nanostructures on dielectric waveguides provides a way for the development of sophisticated nanophotonic circuits, which can be in turn used for information and communications quantum technologies. In such hybrid plasmonic-photonic integrated platform, the surface plasmons-polaritons are used for short-distance and strong interaction with matter while the photonic modes in photonic waveguides for long-distance propagation of information. The integration is based on evanescent directional modes coupling. Due to the subwavelength confinement of the electromagnetic fields in the plasmonic structures, optical near field measurements with the use of near-field scanning optical microscopes (NSOM) are required to reveal and to understand the propagation characteristics of light in integrated plasmonic devices. The aim of this talk is to present the optical near field in integrated plasmonic devices and to discuss their application in integrated quantum nanophotonic circuits.