Quantum Optics Colloquium by Denis Vasilyev

Quantum Scanning Microscope for Cold Atoms and Quantum optics with atomic arrays

The main part of the talk is devoted to the quantum scanning microscope which allows to monitor 'live' the quantum dynamics of cold atoms in a Cavity QED setup. It maps out the atomic wavefunction spatial density with a subwavelength resolution in a continuous way. I will discuss whether it is possible to perform a QND measurement of such observable like the local probability density, which a priori does not commute with the free Hamiltonian. Theory of a Quantum Scanning Microscope for Cold Atoms. PRL, 120(13), 133601 (2018)PRA, 98(2), 023852 (2018)

 In the final part of the talk I will present an overview of our ongoing work involving regular atomic arrays. An atom of interest can be coupled via laser-assisted Rydberg interactions to such an array, acting effectively as an optical antenna. We will see how many atoms one actually needs to achieve a unidirectional photon emission with high efficiency. Also, I will discuss two single layer atomic arrays forming a non-local dark state which can be used for a quantum state processing such as a quantum state transfer.
Free-space photonic quantum link and chiral quantum optics. PRA, 98(4), 043825 (2018).