Quantum Optics Colloquium by Bo Thide – University of Copenhagen

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Quantum Optics Colloquium by Bo Thide

Photonic Orbital Angular Momentum in Optics and Radio 

 Photons carry not only energy and linear momentum, but also angular  momentum.  In classical terms, the electromagnetic fields transport  these observables in the form of volumetric densities. 

 The spin part of the electromagnetic/photonic angular momentum (SAM,  wave polarisation) is an instinsic property of the photon spans a  two-dimensional Hilbert space.  The orbital part of the angular  momentum (OAM) is an extrinsic property and spans an N-dimensional  Hilbert space where N can be arbitrarily large.  This allows for new  information transfer concepts and is currently starting to be used in  optical and radio communication scenarios. 

 I will make a quick derivation of the fundamental properties of OAM  in order to put in its physical context and describe these properties  such as its quantised nature already at the classcial (Maxwell)  level and give an outlook of further developments including the  integration of radio and optics. 

 Examples from successful experiments with OAM radio communications  will be given.