Quantum Optics Colloquium by A. González-Tudela – University of Copenhagen

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Quantum Optics Colloquium by A. González-Tudela

Cold atom nanophotonics for quantum simulation and information.

Nanophotonics provides us with structures such as Photonic Crystals (PhCs) that allow to control and mold light at subwavelength scales [1]. This control allows not only to confine light in reduced dimensionalities (2d,1d and 0d) but also to enhance light-matter interactions. Recently, the integration of atomic systems with 1d and 0d nanophotonic structures has been experimentally achieved [2]. 

In this talk, we show how to exploit some characteristics of this new hybrid system (atom-nanophotonics) for two and one-dimensional systems.

First, we show how to use 2d PhCs waveguides to build high-density 2d optical lattices for ultra cold atoms yielding larger energy scales for the simulation of Bose-Hubbard and spin models with long-range interactions [3]. Moreover, in one-dimensional systems we show how to use these long-range collective couplings for the preparation of many-body entangled atomic states and non-classical states of light [4]. 


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